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  Book IV: Supplementary Detailed Staff Reports on Foreign and Military Intelligence
Title  (PDF: 163 K)
History of the Central Intelligence Agency  (PDF: 226 K)
Part One: The Central Intelligence Group and the Central Intelligence Agency, 1946-1952  (PDF: 3147 K)
I. The OSS Precedent
II. The Origins of the Central Intelligence Group
III. The Directors of Central Intelligence, 1946-1952
IV. The Evolution of the Central Intelligence Function, 1946-1949
A. The Pattern Established, 1946-1949
B. The Reorganization of the Intelligence Function, 1950
C. Departmental Intelligence Activities
V. Clandestine Activities
A. Origins of Covert Action
B. The Office of Policy Coordination, 1948-1952
C. Policy Guidance
D. OPC Activities
E. OPC Integration and the OPC-OSO Merger
F. Congressional Review
Part Two: The Dulles Era, 1953-1961  (PDF: 1856 K)
I. The Clandestine Service
A. Internal Procedures; Secrecy and Its Consequences
B. Clandestine Activities, 1953-1961
C. Executive Authorization of Covert Action
D. Congressional Review
II. Intelligence Production
III. The Coordination Problem
Part Three: Change and Routinization, 1961-1970  (PDF: 1572 K)
I. The Directors of Central Intelligence, 1961-1970
II. The Clandestine Service
A. Clandestine Activities, 1961-1970
B. Executive Authorization
C. Congressional Review
III. The Effort at Management Reform
IV. The Directorate of Science and Technology (DDS&T)
V. Intelligence Production
A. Economic Research and Analysis
B. Strategic Research and Analysis
Part Four: The Recent Past, 1971-1975  (PDF: 621 K)
I. The Directors of Central Intelligence, 1973-1975
II. Attempts at Redirection
A. Internal Changes
B. Outside Review
Part Five: Conclusions  (PDF: 425 K)
Organizational Charts 
List of Acronyms 
Intelligence and Technology 
I. Background
II. Covert Observation and Intercept
III. File Technology
Addenda to the Interim Report on Alleged Assassination Plots  (PDF: 3152 K)
I. Schneider Case
A. Interrogatory Responses of Richard M. Nixon
B. Statements and Testimony of Edward M. Korry
II. The "Special Operations" Unit
A. Program Branch 7: A Special Operations Unit with Assassination Jurisdiction
B. The Hunt-Pash Meeting and the Handling of Double Agent Problems
C. Assassination Suggestions Rejected by CIA Headquarters
III. The Question of Discrediting Action Against Jack Anderson
A. The Meeting Between Howard Hunt and Charles Colson
B. Hunt and Liddy Discuss Drugging Techniques with a Former CIA Physician
C. Report to Colson on the Impracticability of Drugging Anderson
IV. Miscellaneous Evidence and Errata
A. Aurand Affidavit
B. Affidavit of Eisenhower Administration Officials
C. Typographical Error
Appendix: Select Committee Interrogatories for Former President Richard M. Nixon  (PDF: 2053 K)
Staff List  (PDF: 155 K)

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Book IV: Supplementary Detailed Staff Reports on Foreign and Military Intelligence

This set of staff reports on foreign and military intelligence in Book IV adds to the material presented in Book I. Much of this volume is devoted to a history of the Central Intelligence Agency. There is additional information regarding alleged assassination plots to supplement the Interim Report, including more information on the case of Chilean General Schneider. Finally, this book publishes the interrogatories for (former) President Richard Nixon and his responses (Nixon was not a witness before the Committee).