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  Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

105-82555 File (Headquarters Lee Harvey Oswald)

62-109060 File (Headquarters Assassination of President Kennedy)

62-109090 File (Headquarters Warren Commission)

89-43 File (Dallas Assassination of President Kennedy)

105-3702 File (Mexico City)

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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Almost immediately after the murder of President Kennedy, the FBI stepped in and began its investigation. The first "Commission Document" received by the Warren Commission was the report of the FBI on the investigation.

The FBI holds vast amounts of investigative material on the JFK assassination, organized into different "files." This website includes only a very tiny sampling of the available contents of these files, chosen because of their importance. The files for which documents are available on this website are:

105-82555   Headquarters Lee Harvey Oswald File
62-109060   Headquarters Assassination of President Kennedy File
62-109090   Headquarters Warren Commission File
89-43         Dallas Assassination of President Kennedy File
105-3702    Mexico City File