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  Warren Commission Hearings, Volume III
Title  (PDF: 71 K)
Preface  (PDF: 41 K)
Contents  (PDF: 79 K)
Ruth Hyde Paine  (PDF: 3427 K)
Ruth Hyde Paine (resumed)  (PDF: 6443 K)
Howard Leslie Brennan  (PDF: 1546 K)
Bonnie Ray Williams  (PDF: 1613 K)
Howard Leslie Brennan (resumed)  (PDF: 190 K)
Harold Norman  (PDF: 793 K)
James Jarman, Jr.  (PDF: 826 K)
Howard Leslie Brennan (resumed)  (PDF: 67 K)
Roy Sansom Truly  (PDF: 2181 K)
Marrion L. Baker  (PDF: 2069 K)
Mrs. Robert A. Reid  (PDF: 792 K)
Luke Mooney  (PDF: 710 K)
Eugene Boone  (PDF: 356 K)
M. N. McDonald  (PDF: 665 K)
Mrs. Helen Markham  (PDF: 1074 K)
William W. Scoggins  (PDF: 1337 K)
Helen Markham (resumed)  (PDF: 186 K)
Mrs. Barbara Jeanette Davis  (PDF: 535 K)
Ted Callaway  (PDF: 432 K)
Dr. Charles James Carrico  (PDF: 733 K)
Dr. Malcolm Perry  (PDF: 1967 K)
Robert A. Frazier  (PDF: 4002 K)
Ronald Simmons  (PDF: 848 K)
Cortlandt Cunningham  (PDF: 3549 K)
Joseph D. Nicol  (PDF: 1467 K)

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Warren Commission Hearings, Volume III

Volume III of the Warren Commission Hearings and Exhibits volumes is one of 5 volumes of testimony taken by the Commission members in Washington DC. There are 10 additional volumes of testimony and affidavits taken by staff members in various locations, and 11 volumes of Exhibits.

Volume III consists of testimony from Texas School Book Depository employees, Dallas policemen, eyewitnesses to the assailant of slain police officer J. D. Tippit, physicians from Parkland Hospital involved in the futile attempt to save President Kennedy's life, ballistic experts, and others. The testimony in this volume was conducted between March 19 and April 1, 1964.