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  Rockefeller Commission Report
Title  (PDF: 101 K)
Table of Contents  (PDF: 51 K)
Preface  (PDF: 164 K)
Part I - Summary of the Investigation  (PDF: 12 K)
Chapter 1 - The Fundamental Issues
  (PDF: 170 K)
Chapter 2 - The Need for Intelligence
  (PDF: 182 K)
Chapter 3 - Summary of Findings, Conclusions, and Recommendations
  (PDF: 2055 K)
Part II - The CIA's Role and Authority  (PDF: 41 K)
Chapter 4 - Intelligence and Related Activities by the United States before 1947
  (PDF: 190 K)
Chapter 5 - The Sources of CIA Authority
  (PDF: 659 K)
Chapter 6 - Legal Analysis
  (PDF: 596 K)
Part III - Supervision and Control of the CIA  (PDF: 41 K)
Chapter 7 - External Controls
  (PDF: 753 K)
Chapter 8 - Internal Controls
  (PDF: 817 K)
Part IV - Significant Areas of Investigation  (PDF: 87 K)
Chapter 9 - The CIA's Mail Intercepts
  (PDF: 1031 K)
Chapter 10 - Intelligence Community Coordination
  (PDF: 887 K)
Chapter 11 - Special Operations Group - 'Operation CHAOS'
  (PDF: 1327 K)
Chapter 12 - Protection of the Agency Against Threats of Violence - Office of Security
  (PDF: 558 K)
Chapter 13 - Other Investigations by the Office of Security
  (PDF: 722 K)
Chapter 14 - Involvement of the CIA in Improper Activities for the White House
  (PDF: 2327 K)
Chapter 15 - Domestic Activities of the Directorate of Operations
  (PDF: 1073 K)
Chapter 16 - Domestic Activities of the Directorate of Science and Technology
  (PDF: 414 K)
Chapter 17 - CIA Relationships with Other Federal, State and Local Agencies
  (PDF: 616 K)
Chapter 18 - Indices and Files on American Citizens
  (PDF: 648 K)
Chapter 19 - Allegations Concerning the Assassination of President Kennedy
  (PDF: 1259 K)
Appendix I. Executive Order  (PDF: 108 K)
Appendix II. Statement by the President  (PDF: 83 K)
Appendix III. National Security Act of 1947  (PDF: 227 K)
Appendix IV. Biographical Information  (PDF: 354 K)
Appendix V. Highlights of Civil Disturbances  (PDF: 356 K)
Appendix VI. Proposed Amendments  (PDF: 87 K)
Appendix VII. Assistance To and From Agencies  (PDF: 383 K)

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Rockefeller Commission Report

Prior to the so-called Church Committee, the President's Commission on CIA Activities Within the United States was formed by President Gerald Ford. Headed by Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller, this body came to be known as the Rockefeller Commission.

The Rockefeller Commission issued a single report in 1975, which delineated some CIA abuses including mail opening and surveillance of domestic dissident groups. It also conducted a narrow study of issues relating to the JFK assassination, specifically the backward head snap as seen in the Zapruder film (first shown publicly in 1975), and the possible presence of E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis in Dallas.

The Rockefeller Report is seen by many as a "whitewash," and was certainly superceded by the Church Committee's work in scope and depth.

The files of the Rockefeller Commission were reviewed by the Church Committee, and many of them are included as part of the roughly 50,000 pages of declassified Church Committee documents now publicly available at the National Archives.